Mobile Business Productivity Solution for on-the-go Professionals

What centid is
Made for the mobile workforce, centid improves productivity and customer service and simplifies business processes by automating tasks at points of sale and service. Already have web applications? centid adds mobility and productivity to your web applications.
Easy to use
centid has an intuitive user interface with a quick and convenient setup, streamlines daily activities, and easily integrates with back-office or cloud software.

centid applications include retail (item marking, inventory, signage, point of sale), event ticketing, field service (inspections, repairs, estimates), field sales (sales orders and invoicing), citations, and direct store delivery (DSD).

Print-enable your app
Print labels, receipts, tags, forms, citations, tickets, badges, estimates, invoices, pick-lists, reports (inspections, repairs, inventory, orders), and more using your data with cloud-based templates.
RFID-enable your app
Encode and scan RFID labels and tags.
Barcode-enable your app
Print and scan barcodes.
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